Brownies and Bars

Fudgy Passover Brownies

Fudgy Passover Brownies - April 03, 2015

  Finding a good Passover dessert is like finding a four inch heal you can wear all day, practically impossible.  Everyone say’s their’s is the best, or at least pretty good.  I’ve tried countless passover brownies over the years and »
Caramel S’more Layer Bars

Caramel S’more Layer Bars - February 13, 2013

I just looked back to the last recipe I sent to you all, and it was last Monday, I feel really bad, and I  hope you missed me:) , just like I missed reaching out to you!  So let me »
The Best Lemon Bars

The Best Lemon Bars - December 26, 2012

My son Ross just walked past me as I was staring at this picture deciding what to write about, and he said, “I don’t even really like lemon, but those could be one of my favorite desserts you make.”  I »
Mint Oreo Brownies

Mint Oreo Brownies - December 20, 2012

I am not a writer. I am not well spoken. I have no idea how to use my new camera! I don’t really know the first thing about blogging. I do enjoy putting my thoughts into words. I’ve learned how »
The Ultimate Chewy Gingerbread Bars

The Ultimate Chewy Gingerbread Bars - November 28, 2012

  All the men in my house make me put chocolate in everything.  I put my foot down the other day and made what I love. I adore chewy, moist, and delicious gingerbread.  I had this laying around in my »
My Secret Killer Fudgy Brownies

My Secret Killer Fudgy Brownies - November 24, 2012

I am known for two things, my brownies and my chocolate chip cookies.  Since I am keeping my cookie recipe to myself, I decided it was only fair to let my brownie recipe free.  If you plan on making this »
Chewy Brownies

Chewy Brownies - October 16, 2012

Pin It So I wanted you guys to be the first to know, I have hired a professional web designer to help me spruce things up.  I have a lot of fun ideas that I can’t wait for you to »
S’more Cookie Bars

S’more Cookie Bars - April 17, 2012

  It’s been a while since my last post.  I’m happy to say it’s because I’ve been busy doing happy things:). Last weekend I was in Vegas and ALMOST came back a winner:)  I was so hot at the poker »
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars - March 06, 2012

  These are yummy with a capital Y!!!  We had the family over Sunday to celebrate Marc’s birthday, and instead of a cake I made these.   They were a total hit!    We were leaving out of town at the »
Deep Dark Decadent Brownies

Deep Dark Decadent Brownies - February 22, 2012

All my family and friends beg me to make my super fudgy brownies.  Every now and then I try a different recipe hoping to get the same response.  The only response I get is my husband annoyed that I changed »