Gluten Free

Simple Kale Salad

Simple Kale Salad - April 17, 2013

My husband said this was the best salad he has ever tasted!  He brought leftovers for two days in a row to work!  I put this together at the last minute  with ingredients I had in the house.  Sometimes the »
Grilled Lamb Kabobs

Grilled Lamb Kabobs - April 12, 2013

Has anyone ever had Whooping Cough, because I swear my son Tony and I both have it!  I’m just staring to feel better, but it’s been a good two weeks of not feeling like myself.  We are both hacking back »
Roasted Peppers

Roasted Peppers - April 03, 2013

It’s 8:00 a.m. in my house and my dog is acting like he’s on steroids!  I finally freed him of his E collar post neutering, and he is absolutely out of control, flying through the house, ricocheting off the couches, »
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies - March 28, 2013

The weather is starting to clear up around the Midwest.  I think my running shoes will make a debut on the streets of Deerfield today.  I am traditionally not a treadmill kind of girl, but it’s been d*** cold here.  »
Gluten Free Garlic Chicken

Gluten Free Garlic Chicken - March 13, 2013

I enjoyed this chicken recipe more than I thought I would.  It’s so simple. that I thought the flavors wouldn’t hold up.  This dish requires no marinating and it’s a quick 1 2 3 and into the oven it goes.  »
Roasted Chicken with Salsa Verde

Roasted Chicken with Salsa Verde - March 06, 2013

To tell you the truth, sometimes when I decide to cook chicken for dinner it not very exciting at all.  I mean sometimes it just really does not even appeal to me.  I can hear my kids now when they »
Waldorf Broccoli and Kale Slaw

Waldorf Broccoli and Kale Slaw - March 05, 2013

Here we are again at the mercy of the weather reporters.  They cancelled school again last night in anticipation for the huge snow storm we haven’t gotten.  The roads were bone dry this morning.  It has started to flurry a »
Gluten Free Turkey Roll-up

Gluten Free Turkey Roll-up - February 26, 2013

I know what you all must be thinking.  Did Susie fall off the face of the earth?   Nope, still here just sometimes life gets in the way of doing things we enjoy.  I won’t bore you will all the details, »
Roasted Greek Brick Chicken

Roasted Greek Brick Chicken - February 04, 2013

So, I had myself a little snow day today.  It was the best kind of snow day because I was home alone!  I had grandiose plans to meet a friend at pilates, go for a massage, head to the grocery »
Arugula and Mango Salad

Arugula and Mango Salad - January 31, 2013

As a Holiday gift each year, my husbands partner get us the fruit by the month club through Harry and David.  I really truly love this gift and hope she never changes it up.  It actually helps me a lot, »