Tofu Stir Fry

Tofu Stir Fry - February 21, 2015

  Thursday nights have turned into a solo date night, me myself and I.  My husband Marc has been spending his Thursday nights sitting around a game table with men 25 yrs+ his senior.  It’s actually quite adorable.  He wonders »
Brown Rice and Beans

Brown Rice and Beans - October 12, 2012

T.G.I.F.!!!  I just came back from a vacation and I’m embarrassed to admit I’m so happy it’s Friday.  My husband is going to watch football with friends (Boys Night!), and all the boys are busy doing their own thing.  Smile, »
Stir Fried Brown Rice with Kale

Stir Fried Brown Rice with Kale - May 30, 2012

  Every year around this time I follow a cleanse called Dr. McCombs Candida Plan. The first time I did it was the most difficult.  The hardest part for me is to give up drinking!  But I did it for 8, »


  Hip Hip Hooray Ross Graduated College, that means 2 down and 2 to go. Having a child graduating is kinda bitter sweet. Where has the past four years gone?  Did he or she manage to learn how to make »