Beef and Pork

Grilled Lamb Kabobs

Grilled Lamb Kabobs - April 12, 2013

Has anyone ever had Whooping Cough, because I swear my son Tony and I both have it!  I’m just staring to feel better, but it’s been a good two weeks of not feeling like myself.  We are both hacking back »
Simply Perfect Chili

Simply Perfect Chili - January 22, 2013

My son Tony sent me a text while he was at a friends house asking if I would make a spicy chili.  His text read, “Can you make a really spicy good chili, I think you would be really good »
Italian Meatballs (The Real Deal!)

Italian Meatballs (The Real Deal!) - January 17, 2013

Here they are, the counter puncher to yesterday’s Chicken Meatballs.  These baby’s are the real deal!  I did not skimp on anything!  The men in my family were very happy!  I stuck to my healthy version:).  We were all happy, »
Slow Cooker Whiskey BBQ Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Whiskey BBQ Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches - December 24, 2012

I want to take the time today to thank you all for visiting my site and getting to know me a little better.  I hope I have encouraged you in some sort of way to step out of your comfort »
Pretzel Dogs

Pretzel Dogs - September 13, 2012

I know, I know this is not on my cleanse:(((, but sometimes you gotta cook for the men in your family.  I really enjoyed making these too.  I love a project, I guess that’s why I love to bake.  It’s »
Kielbasa with Onions and Pablanos

Kielbasa with Onions and Pablanos - August 27, 2012

  Roses are red, violets are blue. Who wants a recipe that’s easy to do? OK Ladies, I don’t want to hear you don’t eat meat, or pork, or whatever you have decided to take out of your diet you »
Green Egg smoked baby backs

Green Egg smoked baby backs - June 04, 2012

We opened up the Green Egg yesterday!!!:)))))   My husband Marc has been waiting anxiously to smoke the first chosen meat of the season.  Baby back ribs made the top of the list.  Smoking is fun, your backyard aroma will »
Poblano Burger

Poblano Burger - May 24, 2012

  My husband Marc went on a guys golfing trip, WOO HOO!!!!  I think I was just as excited:) What is it,  that no matter how many kids you have,  when your biggest (aka…husband) is gone the household runs like »
Slow Cooked Italian Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooked Italian Beef Sandwiches - April 25, 2012

  Yesterday when my son Tony got home from school he asked me what I was making for dinner, and before I could answer he said, “Don’t tell me, I know some kind of chicken right?”.  Unfortunately he was right.  »
Pasta Pie

Pasta Pie - March 12, 2012

  It’s spring break at my house.  Actually it’s was spring break last week with one kid, this week with another and next week with yet another.  Can’t they figure out how to have one universal spring break week?  My »