I’m Having a Baby!

October 29, 2012

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Just kidding:)))).  I’m getting a new puppy!!!  Let me introduce you to Louie.  Louie (My husband is against this name, if you wondering), was born September 14th.  Marc and I are going to pick him up Saturday, November 10th, I am so excited I can barely breath.  Look at him, could you die?  He doesn’t even look real, he could be a stuffed animal.  I just can’t wait to kiss that little face!!! 

It’s kinda funny how life works.  Do you believe in Destiny?  I think I do.  And on Saturday, destiny brought Louie to me.  I was talking to a girlfriend on Friday about Goldendoodles, and she said a friend of hers was going to a breeder the next day to meet her new puppy, and she thought they might have another one available.  The next day on Saturday I looked up the website, and called first but there was no answer, so I emailed asking if they had any puppies left.  In the meantime, my son Tony and I poured over the pictures of the 10 puppies that were in the litter.  Each puppy had a different color ribbon around it’s neck.  Both of us thought that the puppy with the white ribbon was the cutest.  My phone rang shortly after and it was the breeder!  She said yes, we have one left and can you believe it was the one with the white ribbon?!  She also told me that she usually only responds to emails, but her email was down for some reason and I was the only person who left a phone message!  I said I’LL TAKE HIM!!!

That’s what you call Destiny:))))

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