My Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 21, 2012

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I have been asked for this recipe dozens of times.  I have contemplated starting my own business with these cookies.  Some people may think that all chocolate chip cookies are created equal, I would have to disagree.  Some cookies are big a dense, while others lay flat and crispy.  These babies are a chocolatey,  chewy,  mouth watering,  beyond your wildest dreams the Queen (or King) of the cookie world.

Now, the big question here is, do I give you the recipe?  Hmm, I have thought about this a lot, I promise.  I’m still thinking right now, should I or shouldn’t I.  I feel very powerful at this moment:)

The answer had to be no, not today.  I’m truly sorry, and because I was such a tease I will give you some very important steps in making the perfect cookie.

1.  Always line your pans with parchment paper.
2.   Use a cookie scoop so all your cookies come out the same size.  I use this one cookie scoop
3.  Use unsalted butter
4.  Take cookies out when edges just begin to brown, they may not look done but they continue to cook.
5.  As soon as you can, transfer cookies to rack or counter to cool.  I line my counter top with tin foil.
6.  Use only the best ingredients.
7.  Eat one (or two) hot out of the oven.
8.  When completely cooled, put in freezer safe containers.  Will keep for weeks.

Happy cookie making!!!

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