My philosophy in the kitchen is about searching for the perfect recipe and adapting it to meet a healthy lifestyle.

In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle is about using real, whole foods. I also believe a little bit of everything goes a long way. My mom always said, everything in moderation. I agree! I do tend to follow a whole foods approach when cooking, but I also sprinkle in some savory treats and mouth watering desserts. We all have to live a little, don’t you think?

I love talking and making relationships with the people who work in the produce section, meat department, fish department and poultry section to find out what’s fresh for the day or week. My friends at Whole Foods, and another local grocery give me great ideas too.

The most important part of my cooking approach is having fun in the kitchen, and to never be scared to try something new. Never be afraid to fail, we learn by our mistakes!!!

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